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Clininal Study Reporting Guidelines


Randomized trials (CONSORT)
Observational studies (STROBE)
Systematic reviews (PRISMA)
Case reports (CARE)
Qualitative research (SRQR
Diagnostic / prognostic studies (STARD)
Quality improvement studies (SQUIRE)
Economic evaluations (CHEERS)  
Animal pre-clinical studies (ARRIVE)
Study protocols (SPIRIT)
Clinical practice guidelines (AGREE)


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Our journals are open access, which means all the contents of the journals are accessible freely to all viewers from every part of the world as long as they have internet accessibility, More...

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JCR 2022 Impact Factors

• Gastroenterology Research

• Cardiology Research  1.9
• J of Endocrinol. & Metabol  0.4
World Journal of Oncology  5.2
• Journal of Hematology  1.2
• Journal of Clinical Medicine Research (IF available June 2024)
Journal of Medical Cases (IF available June 2024)

Journals Permanent Archiving

All journals published by Elmer Press are archived in Portico, which provides permanent digital archiving for scholarly journals.

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